Why slots at test subscriptions are limited?

We are offering test subscriptions to our Magic Recommender products recommender because we are convinced that once you try it it will become essential for you and your business. However, logically we must first of all give an optimal service to our existing customers, ensuring computing power and response speed for them. That means that we can only use leftover computing resources for trial subscriptions.

How can I integrate inteliventia’s services on my website?

inteliventia‘s predictive intelligence services are created to be independent of the platform you are using, so they can be integrated into any website, regardless of the type of cms or framework with which your website is designed. Through our APIs you can use our services by making a simple call to our endpoints. Although the simplest way is to use Javascript, you can also make calls through PHP, Java or any other programming language. If you do not have personnel in charge of it, we can offer you technical assistance, or program the code you need for you.

How to use inteliventia service?

inteliventia provides various forms of access to its services through our APIs. You can make any call to the API to which you are subscribed to obtain predictions or enter data.

Start to work with inteliventia is very simple: choose your plan, Choose you inteliventia plan and go !

What obligation of permanence do I have?

It’s easy: NONE.

When choosing a plan for your website, you only subscribe for a monthly period, and you can unsubscribe at any time from one month to another.

(Except that you have chosen an annual payment plan, in which the counter-hedge is annual, thus saving on the total subscription price)

Can you help me to implement the inteliventia service on my website?

Of course: send us an email to info@inteliventia.com and we will be happy to help you!

What does the computation frequency of the predictive model means?

The term computation frequency of the predictive model refers to the frequency at which the model is re-computed. When you register your inteliventia intelligence engine, a predictive model is created with the data initially provided.

This model is the one used at all times to serve the predictions. The computational frequency of the predictive model establishes the time period in which a new calculation of the model occurs. To calculate it, this model is re-computed with the new data incorporated (model train).

The predictive inteliventia models allow to adapt the new data incorporated before a new recalculation and integrate them into the predictions, without having to wait for the next train.

What levels of support do I have available?

inteliventia offers you 2 levels of support: standard and premium.

Standard support: Attention via email and chat. Maximum response time 48 hours.

Premium support: Attention via email and chat. Maximum response time 8 hours.

What happens if I reach the limit of requests for the plan I have contracted?

We will send you an email when you reach 85% of the predictions contracted with your plan, so that you can increase its capacity if you wish.

In the event that you do not increase the contracted predictions nothing happens, simply when reaching the limit the engine will stop serving predictions.

At the beginning of the next cycle of the plan you have contracted, the counter will be reset and will serve predictions again.

We are here to help you for any doubt ! :