How Intelligent Product Recommender inteliventia Magic Recommender works

inteliventia Magic Recommender, in contrast to the classic product recommenders, works by using Predictive Artificial Intelligence.

This means that our Artificial Intelligence systems in real-time calculate items to recommend for each visitor. Although a visitor goes to your website for the first time, inteliventia Magic Recommender knows what is the best article to recommend.

What is the Magic behind inteliventia Magic Recommender?

The product recommender inteliventia Magic Recommender works through a series of algorithms based on Predictive Intelligence and Machine Learning. Whenever there is a visit on their website, Magic Recommender makes a unique and individual calculation to that visitor based on these algorithms and historical actions that may exist for that user. Using both ways of calculation, inteliventia Magic Recommender offers the most appropriate articles for the visitor, in real-time.

In case there is no historic actions of visitor in your website, the Product Recommender inteliventia Magic Recommender apply different algorithms of co-occurrence, in such a way that you have equally accurate predictions by making analogies with other visitors with similar behavior.

In addition, inteliventia Magic Recommender learns each day from the behavior of its users, allowing you to improve continuously.

Differences between the classic product recommenders  and the Product Recommender inteliventia Magic Recommender

Most of the existing web recommenders are based on a simple relationship (who buys x product, also buys y product; or user who view article x, buy article y), or in the assignment of the user to a segment, and the linear transformation of a recommendation to all the users of the said segment.

inteliventia Magic Recommender lets you use the same systems of Predictive Intelligence that the internet giants are using (Google, Amazon, Netflix, Spotify,…), in real-time and configuring it whatever you want. For each user, inteliventia Magic Recommender use over 1700 calculations in real time, what makes it unique.